◼️ Barto Molina


Lifelong learner, I've been working on web development and cloud infrastructure for over 10 years, and I'm currently focused on web3 social and DeFi. Passionate about NFTs and generative art.

Web3 Projects

  • LensMeet.io

    Lens Lists from 0xJuancito is an awesome app on Lens that lets you create lists of users. LensMeet is built on top of Lens Lists and adds some cool features:

    • Follow all the members of a list at once.
    • Include additional social network links to your profile: Lenster only allows to link your personal website and your twitter account. In LensMeet you can also add your Instagram, Telegram, Discord, GitHub and LinkedIn accounts.
    • Events: LensMeet adds a curated list of crypto events. These are Lens publications that can be collected to show that you're attending the event.

  • Codart.io

    When I fell into the rabbit hole of crypto, one of the things that captivated me were NFTs, and especially generative art. Without doubt, ArtBlocks is the biggest exponent in the generative art space and they've done an amazing job promoting and curating artists. I built this site as a final project for the UNIC NFTs And Metaverse course and the Alchemy's Ethereum Bootcamp and as a way to celebrate and appreciate the work that Art Blocks and the artists who published their work through them have done in the past years.

  • ScoreCast.wtf

    ScoreCast is a web app that lets you bet on the outcome of a soccer match. It uses Chainlink Functionsto verify the results on-chain.


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